Buyer Information

10 steps to buying your first home

Buying your first home can and should be a fun, exciting experience. It will probably also be the single largest investment you ever make. For this reason, it is important to be involved and informed. Use the series of steps below to make your home buying experience smooth and enjoyable:.

How much can you afford?

Three elements are crucial to the purchase of a home: the down payment, closing costs and the mortgage. Find out how these components will help you choose your new home. Continue...

Choosing between a new and existing home

With their belongings neatly stashed in cardboard boxes, the Smiths entered the market for a new home. The scenarios played out before them. Unsure whether to choose a new home or existing home, they sought out the help of a realtor and a home builder. Continue...


Confused about what some terms mean when searching for a home or looking through the classifieds? Let us help. Take a look through our lists of terms to learn the lingo of buying and selling a home.